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Brynn Cameron herself has a background in basketball, and like Blake Griffin, she is from California.Both of them are quite private about their relationship, though; Griffin never posts about Cameron on his social media accounts, and although Brynn Cameron has an Instagram, it is set to private.Leinart was a student at the University of Southern California, and it was here that Leinart and Cameron met.According to the New York Times, the two met when Leinart introduced himself during study hall; they bonded over basketball and over the fact that they wore the same uniform number, 11.Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart and his girlfriend Josie Loren are tying the knot.Leinart proposed to Loren, an actress, over the weekend.I'm so happy there's a lid on my wine bc they're blowing my mind.

There were times when I would break down — why is this so public, why do people care?Leinart was born in Santa Ana, California, with strabismus (commonly known as "crossed eyes"); his left eye was not aligned correctly with his right.He underwent surgery when he was three years old and was fitted with special glasses to correct the problem, but the eyewear combined with Leinart's already-overweight frame made him an easy target for other children's ridicule.By the time she was nearing the end of her senior year, it was clear that her basketball career was coming to an end, as she had to have two hip operations.Long before she started dating Blake Griffin, Brynn Cameron was with Matt Leinart.