Updating kitchen with paint

They're as much a sign of the era as grunge music, "Saved by the Bell" and the phrase "Read my lips — no new taxes."Though they might still be functional (and even look relatively nice), these golden oldies can make your kitchen look outdated.

The obvious solution is to get new cabinets, but that can cost several thousand dollars.

If your kitchen is looking a bit tired, you don’t have to spend a fortune to give it a fresh new look.

All it takes is a little time, effort and creativity to pep up the heart of your home.

The average kitchen remodel costs a staggering ,856 — and high-end ones average ,909. But you don't need to shell out big bucks to make a big impact in an outdated kitchen.

Whether you've lived in your house for years or you just got the keys, here are some easy ways to give it a refresh:1. "Changing out cabinetry hardware is one of the easiest and quickest updates," says HGTV's Scott Mc Gillivray, author of .

"Citrus-like colors — orange, yellow and green — look great in a kitchen," she says.3. "Replacing existing doors with glass-paneled ones looks like a major upgrade," Scott says.

Painting The most obvious solution is painting your cabinets.

Ashley Bakkegard of Brushed Interiors, an interior painting business in West Fargo, says her biggest demand is from people wanting to update their cabinets.

WEST FARGO — If your home was built somewhere between 19, there's a good chance your kitchen is full of golden oak cabinets.

These cabinets have an almost orange tone with carved, cathedral-style edging on the door front.