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Note that certain Communication / Control programs and G-Code interpreters have explicit support for pendant functionality. topic=1279.0 One particularly well-done solution is: LCD on GRBL Bluetooth module for Arduino to allow cable-free operation: f=3&t=7951 --- widget to allow use of the Contour Shuttle Xpress If a machine has a web pendant option, then there should be an easy way to display the current IP address, or get a link to the tablet or other machine being used as a pendant --- generate a QR code?At the time of publication, each discipline launches with 50 articles of content, amounting to over 500 to 600 new subject articles annually. Please visit our complete list of available and forthcoming subject areas to see the latest disciplines added to the site.

utilizes the benefits of online publishing by constantly updating each article, creating an article that evolves with current scholarship to provide a one stop destination for the best, and most up-to-date, information about a given discipline.If updates are required, but the author is unable to make them, OUP will commission a second scholar to make the necessary updates, and their name will be included as co-author.At we believe in utilizing the benefits of online publishing to create an organic document that updates as scholarship progresses, making the subjects in Oxford Bibliographies the best destination for scholars.Continue reading to learn more about each tab and how you can use these settings to customize your portal. Updating the profile allows you to make minor edits to officer information, change the organization profile picture, and renew your organization's membership.Make sure to complete the form in full and click This tab allows you to upload an image to display along the top banner of every page in your portal.