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The group assignment returned the following season, though producer Jon Murray indicated a desire to dispense with the group assignment again with The Real World: Washington D. Brooklyn is the first season of the series to feature eight cast members moving into the residence together in the premiere.(All previous seasons premiered with seven-member casts, and only introduced new cast members when the departure of others during production necessitated replacements.) This number remains in subsequent seasons.

However, due to the mass of publicity this little space is about to endure, I am privatizing a good part of my journal...

In order to help the 8 reality show members get acquainted with their new city, MTV has the rock/rap group The Lordz help introduce and musically accompany the new season.

Originally called The Lordz of Brooklyn, founding members Mr.

Let me repeat that, I cannot talk about my experiences out in Brooklyn.

I can (and will), however, post information as soon as I am allowed to.