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On Tuesday, journalists were turned away by Dede principal Lucy Odera who earlier called Awendo sub-county education officer Yobes Magara for direction.

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The LHMI Indie Film Screening Series looks to bridge that gap and get these films seen by more community audiences.

The films selected for the LHMI Indie Film Screening Series are films with cultural relevance and/or that deal with social issues important to the underserved communities. These four actors give compassionate, heartfelt and chilling performances that leave audiences stunned as they take movie-viewers through the confrontation of one boy’s retaliation against his abusers.

The boys said Miller then sent them messages on the mobile app KIK.

Investigators say Miller offered to take the boys to Disney World.

Managers of St Mary Goretty Dede Girls' Secondary School on Monday suspended 11 girls believed to have invited the Manyatta Secondary School boys.

The boys, who numbered about 10, reportedly went unnoticed to the school 17 kms away as they hid in sugarcane plantations in the area.

Building the promising futures of school-aged boys, to help them achieve success both academically and in life is essential to transforming our community and building the next generation.The film also has an impressive ensemble of co-stars—Fanny Veliz, Julia Vera, Andy Martinez Jr., Carly Thomas-Smith, Ricky Saenz, Lawrence Razo, Zylan Brooks, Manolo Travieso, Rose Ann Kelley, Oscar Rodriguez, Isabella Briggs, and twins Emily and Abigail Ozrey.When Yeniffer Behrens formed True Form Films in 2009, it was with the purpose to make a difference one film at a time.An administration official at Dede Girls' said students who were suspended will face a full board of management for disciplinary action."Sadly, there was no commotion in the hostel throughout the ordeal.Teachers only got wind of the matter during assembly," the official said.