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According to the Criminal Code of Canada, there are some people who cannot consent to sexual activity based on their age and the age of their partner. This table tells you how old you have to be to consent to vaginal or oral sex.

If the law does not consider you old enough to give consent, it means you are not responsible. Many victims who are assaulted by a partner are confused about what to do.

In my view, the interesting issue is not so much whether he had affairs, but rather, the extent to which the news will have a negative affect on his credibility and ability to assume the role of leadership and responsibility of running a large city.

In fact, he has stepped down from his candidacy within a day of the news.

Companies are forced to deal with this all the time.

What happens when one of your senior people starts behaving inappropriately at the staff party?

“They should act like a married couple around the office—no outward displays of affection,” Branson quotes his consultant as saying.

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“There are a few things to think about here,” begins Vancouver-based Martin Sheard.

“Firstly, in Canada, it’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of family status so there’s a difference between asking an employee to disclose who they’re married to and asking an employee to disclose if they’re dating someone.” Human Rights issues aside, Sheard – a part-owner of law firm Telvin Gleadle Curtis – says policies regarding office romances are common but don’t necessarily hold much weight if they’re overly restrictive.