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Contrary to what you can think, the quickness of her adaptation in Canada will little depend on her level of english.

The acclimation of persons who change the country passes, in general, in three stages : an initial stage of enthusiasm and pleasure facing the new culture, which lasts approximately from 2 to 3 months, followed by an extended recovery period, sometimes accompanied by cultural chock, which can last approximatively between 3 and 12 months. Therefore, it’s very important to know the particularities of these three stages of the adaptation in a foreign country to help your Russian woman to pass this special period, and to make it more pleasant for her.

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You may ask me then why there are so many ads of Russian women seeking men abroad, on the Internet, seeking men in countries like United States, Canada, Australia and Europe - yes, this is true, but this doesn't mean Russian women WANT to leave Russia or marry western men.It means 12% of women have no chance to find a husband or be married. Second reason is the well-publicized alcohol abuse in Russia by men, which results in poor health conditions and abusive behavior of men.It is a custom where men get together in groups after work and get drunk, then go home.Russian women are also more forward, he says: "You can just be talking to someone and some beautiful girl will come up to you with a chat-up line.Back at home, the guy would have to have to make the first move." Not every Russian woman has access to expat hangout spots, though, giving rise to a booming business of dating agencies that specialize in foreign men.