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After all, there’s something a little romantic about the blind date, isn’t there? Google and Tinder have teamed up to eliminate these most romantic dating concepts.Given that the internet really took off when I was in middle school and that Facebook first came into use my freshman year of college, I’ve never had a true blind date experience.Dotcom's lawyer, Ira Rothken, responded to the lawsuit, "The RIAA, MPAA and DOJ are like three blind mice following each other in the pursuit of meritless copyright claims.

The internet has turned every dater into an amateur private investigator.I see some legal issues in this question…” It’s not just that.As a Red Hat engineer continues to explain: The fundamental problem is that UEFI is a lot of code. Ignoring drivers, the x86 Linux kernel is around 30MB of code. After being sued by Hollywood's major movie studios under the umbrella of the Motion Picture Association of America, now he is slapped with a similar lawsuit by the Recording Industry Association of America for copyright infringement.Warner Music, UMG Recordings, Sony Music, and Capitol Records claim in their legal papers that Dotcom, the founder of popular file-sharing website Megaupload, is "engaged in, actively encouraged, and handsomely profited from massive copyright infringement of music." "To ensure a vast and ever-growing supply of popular copyrighted content to which they could sell premium access, defendants paid users to upload popular content to Megaupload's servers," the RIAA members continue slamming the defunct website in their legal complaint.