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Use these links to find more information about Ham Radio online. S – Bullitt Amateur Radio Society KF4TOL – Oldham County Amateur Radio Club W9WWI – Clark County (IN) Amateur Radio Club Ft. General Ham Radio Links Louisville & Kentuckiana Area Ham Clubs Liscense Exam Resources Miscellaneous Links ARRL website – National Association for Amateur Radio Echo Link – Online ham radio software e – General Ham info site FCC Part 97 – FCC Title 47 Part 97: “The Ham Radio Rules” FCC ULS – Universal Licensing System. S – Amateur Radio Transmitting Society, Louisville KY4KY B. “As a promotion who has put together 89 events over the last eight years without incident, we always have and we will continue to put our fighters safety above all else.

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Wilson KI4LRU, Ralph Wettle W4HK, Dave Whittle N4FND, Gary Wolf W4GJW, Terry Ed Yeary W4TEY, Chandler M. Donshay White, 37, of Radcliff, Kentucky, was competing in a heavyweight match against challenger Ricky Muse in an event put on by Hardrock MMA promotions, media director Gary Thomas said.After a series of punches from Muse, officials called the fight just two minutes into the second round.The difference between the frequency on which you transmit and listen is called the This list changes as repeaters come and go.Please send additions and/or corrections to Some information may be unconfirmed by owner.