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UPDATE: Technical issues with phone lines on West Wing nursing unit at Valley Vista in Springdale Technical issues with telephone lines to the West Wing nursing unit at Valley Vista in Springdale have been resolved. Updates will be posted on Central Health's website and Twitter (@Central Health NL).

Running new cable can be a costly and time-consuming part of any video surveillance installation.

And hell, I like using my old phone with the giant handset better than the new cordless ones with tiny handsets.

The phone company has installed the lines to, and the box at, my house; I am currently waiting for the final conversion any day now. It depends what you mean by "the new fiber optic phone lines." If you're referring to a fiber-to-the-premises service like Fi OS, then the fiber terminates at a an optical network terminal in your basement and the ONT provides power to the ordinary copper twisted pair in your house which you can plug your phone into. I believe the switches still support pulse dialing.

At a business level, this is the moment when the viewing figures start turning into hard cash, as the phone lines are open and ready for your vote.

At an artistic level, this is the moment when five bands of five hopefuls have to seriously pull it together for their first proper gig.

One advantage of this technology is that these devices are transparent to the network which means they are not repeaters and do not have MAC or IP addresses.

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Alternatively, Po E can be injected into the head-end device to provide the needed power to the remote end device.“It’s so frustrating because our hands are tied by the service BT provides, which is very poor.” Staff say they were told by BT that there was a fault on the line and that an engineer would be sent on Wednesday to fix it.By yesterday morning an engineer had still not arrived at the centre – despite the practice paying extra for a priority contract which means BT should provide a four-hour response time.Given how much of the show is devoted to teamwork and bonding, this seems particularly ruthless.Mind you, it should make for some fascinating documentary clips on next week’s semi-final.