Google not updating my site dating for men over 40

Also, if your site has alot of non-standard parameters for changing what sort of content is displayed a page, it's possible that Google is running out of resources for crawling your site, so you should configure your URL parameters.

I edited it recently .(fetched and uploaded files using File Zilla) I put a description on each page using meta tags. When I google for my website name , the first result that shows is my website name. If you sign up to webmaster tools on Google you can change the crawl rate.

As explained in the support article What should I be doing about SEO?

, your site automatically creates SEO URL’s, titles and descriptions and we recommend that you do not get bogged down in tinkering with this system.

From my experience, factors that contribute to quicker crawling and indexing revolve around: Throughout my career, I have had sites rank changes in as little as 30 seconds and as long as a few weeks.

When I worked, in the publishing industry, our site would stream out new content, like a fire hose, and Google would quickly crawl it and index it almost instantaneously.

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Google’s process of indexing your site, and subsequently displaying it in search results, is automated.The changing content, as well as updates to our ranking algorithms, can cause URLs to change position in search results, and possibly, though less likely, be removed. If your site is well-linked from others on the web, it's likely that we'll add it again during our next crawl.While we can't guarantee that any page will consistently appear in our index or appear with a particular rank, our Webmaster Guidelines offer helpful tips for maintaining a crawler-friendly site.The problem here is that Google’s search results are in a constant state of change.Below I will talk about how to better understand how often Googlebot crawls your site and why its different for every website.