Updating 2016 lx470 nav system

Interior space is cavernous with up to 487.3 cubic feet of space for cargo on long-wheelbase, high-roof variants.Build quality is another strong point with solid materials, soft-touch plastics, and heavy-duty cloth upholstery.Please see the “What to Order Tab” if you are unsure with which generation of navigation hardware your vehicle is equipped.

Our Mission is to inform customers of the surprising limitations of Toyota / Lexus Navigation systems, which are too frequently hidden by salespersons during test drives. , dial phone numbers or find things like bathrooms or restaurants. If you are currently shopping for a new car, not even Consumer Reports will tell you the downside that so many owners discovered - too late!Common Problems: Error mesage Won't play CD, No eject, Wont't accept Disc Note: Avoid using any DISC WITH ADDED LABEL,may cause jamming you changer !!Aux Input jack could be added for MP3 player or any other audio source.Input for the following release in the fall is generally closed in September of the prior calendar year.For example, the information to be included on the Ver. This is necessary to allow sufficient time to verify the accuracy of data to be provided on the update.