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But be advised that once you enable this feature, other people around you would be able to find you as well, and they will be able to see your 10 latest photos on the album.To look for people nearby, tap on the Discover tab on the top and select People Nearby.Align the QR code within the frame to start scanning.We Chat have a unique feature where you can look around and make friends with people nearby.

You can access the We Chat QR code scanner by tapping the ‘ ‘ sign on the top left corner, then select Scan QR Code.

What’s next for China’s homegrown blockbuster, whose rivals include Silicon Valley’s Whats App, Japan’s Line, and Korea’s Kakao Talk?

Its future hinges on the answer to two questions: in Chinese) began as an instant messenger for mobile devices and has developed into a multi-function mobile communications and social networking platform, or what Pando Daily’s Hamish Mc Kenzie refers to as “a social network and uber-communications platform.” My context China colleague Lilac Peterson recently offered a close look at all of its different features.

Have you ever sent a message to a friend on We Chat and to your surprise emoticons fell from the sky? Well, we are here to tell you – hidden falling emoticon Easter eggs.

And right now, just for our Chatterbox readers, we are demystifying the secrets behind which keywords trigger these fun surprises.